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Mini Filler for 2018 Panini Illusions Football | 8 Box Case Break #1 Shot at the Giants, Bills, Jets!!!

Posted on October 04 2018

teacher155rea 1 New York Giants
Fool5583 2 Buffalo Bills
Zankyou 3 New York Jets
bosoxgeneral 4 Denver Broncos
BigHurt35 5 Atlanta Falcons
Suber Duber 6 Houston Texans
dedecker23 7 Indianapolis Colts
BigHurt35 8 Miami Dolphins
Suber Duber 9 Washington Redskins
SCruver 10 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Jschulz144 11 Jacksonville Jaguars
Skeen1968 12 Oakland Raiders
dedecker23 13 Tennessee Titans

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