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Team Draw For 2018 Bowman Baseball Jumbo | 8 Box Case Break Random Teams #4 [23 Total Spots]

Posted on May 22 2018

cdgarosi Washington Nationals
edurxman Oakland Athletics
edurxman Boston Red Sox
Gofastandwin Chicago Cubs
Gofastandwin Yankees/Royals
Gofastandwin Brewers/Tigers
jrt50 Pirates/Marlins
LeoInc Colorado Rockies
LeoInc Tampa Bay Rays
Mknecht1 Los Angeles Dodgers
nationalchamps Giants/Mariners
nationalchamps Minnesota Twins
nationalchamps Atlanta Braves
noahjanney Cincinnati Reds
sb4ever11 Blue Jays/Rangers
sb4ever11 New York Mets
sb4ever11 St. Louis Cardinals
sharris1021 Astros/Indians
SoiSaucex Orioles/D'Backs
The Hoff San Diego Padres
The_Hoff Los Angeles Angels
thegoldenboy Philadelphia Phillies
webbo99 Chicago White Sox

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