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Team Draw Results For 2016 Leaf Trinity Baseball | 5 Box Break #4 Random Teams

Posted on March 10 2017

be kind and rewind Los Angeles Dodgers
cards88 Baltimore Orioles
cards88 Cincinnati Reds
cards88 Milwaukee Brewers
cards88 New York Yankees
cards88 St. Louis Cardinals
cards88 Tampa Bay Rays
cburrow2 Detroit Tigers
Duenas Miami Marlins
giraffenek Los Angeles Angels
helwick4004 Cleveland Indians
jbradleybee Boston Red Sox
jgrusz13 Oakland Athletics
JRT50 San Diego Padres
kingah Pittsburgh Pirates*
kingah Toronto Blue Jays
leghorn56 Colorado Rockies
parforthecourse Philadelphia Phillies
patsfan2014 Chicago White Sox
raynorshine34 Minnesota Twins*
Soliair2k3 Arizona Diamondbacks
Soliair2k3 Houston Astros
Soliair2k3 Washington Nationals
teacher155rea Atlanta Braves
webbo99 New York Mets
webbo99 Seattle Mariners
webbo99 Texas Rangers

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