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Team Draw Results For 2018 Leaf Metal Draft Football | 5 Box Break #2 Random Schools

Posted on April 12 2018

Andrewphoto Wisconsin
Andrewphoto Notre Dame
Andrewphoto Virginia
Andrewphoto Toledo
BigHurt35 Iowa State
blevins26 Vanderbilt
blevins26 Oklahoma
blevins26 Stanford
blevins26 UCLA
blevins26 Maryland
bosoxgeneral Alabama
cards88 Auburn
cards88 S. Dak. St.
ChadW San Diego State
ChadW Northwestern
ChadW Grambling State
hklife888 Florida
jgrusz13 Missouri
jgrusz13 Iowa
JRT50 Texas A&M
jschulzy Colorado State
jsw138 Washington State
jsw138 Memphis
jsw138 Tennessee
jsw138 Indiana
Muus89 Ohio St.
Muus89 USC
Muus89 Oregon
NoShelter So. Florida
Soliair2k3 LSU
Soliair2k3 Utah
Soliair2k3 Wake Forrest
teacher155 Washington
teacher155 Texas Tech
teacher155 Georgia
The Hoff Southern Mississippi
The Hoff Miami
The Hoff S. Carolina
The Hoff Florida State
Woolley1 Oklahoma State
Woolley1 Clemson
Woolley1 SMU
Zanebo Michigan
Zanebo Wyoming
Zanebo Penn St.

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