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BGS Group Submission

The Group Submission is Closed!

BGS submissions are temporarily suspended while BGS works through their backlog. I hope to resume the regular BGS grading services soon.

BH35 Sports Cards is now your Monthly BGS Group Submission Center! Submit your cards directly to me to be graded by Beckett Grading Services.  

Each month we will have a new group submission.  Prices and turnaround times will vary from month to month. If you hit a card in one of my breaks that you want to be graded, just use the contact form to let me know.  

Submit your cards from group breaks or your personal collection. **If sending to me, I HIGHLY suggest using signature confirmation!

When I get the graded cards back from BGS, we will have a live BGS reveal and a video to uploaded to YouTube after.  

On a 10 Day Guaranteed Turnaround, it typically takes 3 weeks for the entire grading process (which includes shipping to BGS, grading by BGS, and return shipping by BGS).  The 10 Days are business days from when they get checked in at BGS.

October BGS Group Submission Service:

10 Day Guaranteed Turnaround – $18 per non-autographed card. Add an additional $1 per autographed card. 

Shipping and insurance to BGS will be covered by me. Return shipping will be paid by you. If you would like to add insurance to your return package, then please make the request to me directly.  BH35 Sports Cards is not responsible for lost/damaged packages, so please insure your valuables.

The Deadline to get your cards in will be 06/26/2018.

If you would like to submit cards for grading, please complete the Submission Form and ship everything to:

BH35 Sports Cards
Attn: Bryan Fillmore
6820 Indian Creek Dr 
Unit# 4A
Miami Beach, FL 33141

Contact me using the Contact page if you have any further questions or concerns.

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