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A new era begins now. 

Hobby legend @kentuckybasketballcards Jimmy Mahan and I have joined forces to bring you Roadshow Breaks.  

Jimmy and I have been great friends for nearly a decade.  We have always talked and planned about doing this together.  Earlier this year we finally began to move forward.  

Jimmy has opened the most unique card shop in the country.  It officially opened at the beginning of the month and has been an amazing success.  
“Part shop. Part museum. All community.”

I will be running breaks from my usual location in Florida.  

Today at 4 pm est. our first week of breaks will be listed.  We will start breaking Monday night.

Everything will be run through the Kentucky Roadshow Shop.  

Group breaks will be streamed via my YouTube channel.  It will obviously look different with the rebranding. 

I am very excited about this expansion and hope you will continue to support me as we will continue to improve and grow a community first type of feel. 

Prices will remain competitive and as fair as possible (usually much better than elsewhere).  

Please check out the store, grab a spot or two, and get in on the fun!

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