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Why is it better?

  • NO ADS!
  • FTL (faster than lighting).

This is a low latency feature that is surpassed by no one else.  

What is low latency?  Basically, Latency measures the time it takes me to broadcast to you.  The FTL has that time down to under a second.

  • Better video player.  
  • It has a low load time.
  • Better HD quality than
  • It is multi-bit rate.  Meaning that you will have the choice to choose from low standard definition all the way up to Full HD!  Basically, when your internet connections sucks you can turn it down the bit rate and still keep the feed going without buffering and high latency.  
  • FREE APP!!!  

The new platform has a great app and it’s FREE!  

It is good for both ios and android.  

So, if you are out and about and want to watch on your phone.  You are good to go. Want to use your tablet. You are good to go.

  • There is a pop-out video and a pop out chat.  Great if you are multitasking (listing or looking for cards and watching the live broadcast).


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